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AR-15 A-1 Birdcage Flash-Hider AR-15 A-2 Top Port Only (Birdcage) AR-15 A1  3-Prong Flash-Hider
DPMS factory birdcage design flash hider. Made for the A2. Comes in matte black with 1/2 by 28 threads. No slots on bottom. Must use crush washer when installing to ensure proper alignment with barrel.Fully Ported.
A1 flash hider. Has 1/2 by 28 threads and matte black finish. Must have crush washer for proper installation and alignment with barrel. Top Ports. Slots all the way around.
AR-15 Flash-Hider for A1 models. For use on 5.56/.223 caliber rifles. 1/2 by 28 threads. Requires crush washer for installation to maintain proper alignment.