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M1 Garand Chamber Brush Extra Garand Brush for the GR06 M1 Garand Oiler
Garand chamber brush with bronze bristles to safely clean the M1 chamber.
M1 Garand Combination Tool M1 Garand Take Down Tool w/Brush Standard M1 Garand Cleaning Kit
Another quality John Masen product. This handy tool serves as a cleaning rod handle and the disassembly/reassembly tool for the bolt and gas lock screw. This is a must have tool for all M1, M1A and M14 gun owners.
Standard M1 cleaning kit. Designed to be stored in the buttstock of the M!. Kit contains, rods, handle, brush, patch holder and pouch.
Deluxe M1 Garand Cleaning Kit
Deluxe M1-Garand cleaning kit. Contains rods, handle, barrel brush, chamber brush, patch puller and oiler.