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Dear Friends and Customers,

Welcome to the Masen family Survival Weaponry and Gun Parts online store.

We have had another great year in our family life. Our business, as with most firearms related businesses, was steady but unspectacular last year. Although we always want to do more we are very thankful for what we have.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to our troops, policemen, firemen and all those who risk their lives daily to keep us safe from evil both here and abroad. We send our prayers to each of these brave individuals. We ask that God bless them and their families and keep them safe from harm.

New legislators have been elected in both houses of Congress to replace those who were incapable or unwilling to implement the will of the people. We hope these fine people produce better results than their predecessors. Let us each remember that America is "One Nation Under God" and that if we trust in God he will give us the guidance we need to be safe, secure and prosperous!

My family and I wish each of you a wonderful new year. We ask that God provide all good people throughout the world the strength and faith needed to sustain them in time of need and the compassion to help others less fortunate.

God Bless each of you,

John Masen & Family

Business Open: Monday thru Friday.
No orders will be processed on the weekends!!
Not even internet orders!!

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