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AK "Chinese" Screw-on Muzzle Brake AK 47 Magazine Holder Fits both Flat or Ribbed Mags AK Top-Cover Tri-Rail Scope Mount
This solid steel muzzle brake attaches to the end of AK/AKM barrels with 1x14 left hand threads. It redirects propellant gasses upward and to the sides to reduce recoil and muzzle jump when firing.
AK-47 Mag Clamp Holds 2-30rd or 40rd Mags.
AK Weaver style top cover and scope mount. Provides mounting points for three accessories. Side rails are removable and adjustable. Designed to replace existing top cover and fits AKM type rifles with stamped receiver.
AK/SKS Lightweight Steel Bipod w/Adjustable Legs AK/SKS Shell Deflector AK47 Mag Loading Tool
This bipod is designed to clip onto the barrel of your SKS or AK-47. Strong, durable steel construction. Legs extend to 13.5 inches. Provides a stable shooting platform when accuracy is important.
Made from steel. Attaches to the rear leaf sight and deflects ejected shell casings to keep from damaging your scope, losing cases or throwing them where you don't want them. Brand New powder coated AK-47 Mag Loading Tool. Quickly and easily load stripper clip ammo into your magazine. A quality JTM Co. product.
AK47 Pin-On Muzzle Brake AK47/MAK90 Pistol Grip Screw & Securing Block New AK Slant Style Muzzle Brake
Solid steel pin on AK muzzle brake. To install simply remove the existing sight pin, slide the brake around the front sight post and install the longer sight pin provided.
The brake will redirect propellant gasses up and to the sides and reduce recoil and muzzle jump.

This 4.54" inch long grip screw and securing block allows you to firmly attach a pistol grip to your AK or MAK rifle. New AK Slant Style Muzzle Brake.
SKS/AK Green G.I. Slings w/Leather Fitting SKS/AK47 Sight Adjustment Tool

Durable heavy duty, steel construction. Use this beauty to adjust the front or rear sights of your SKS or AK.