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M14 Magazine Bottom M1A, M14 Oiler M-14 20 Round Magazine Follower
Oiler for the M1A and M14. Fits in the butt stock with cleaning kit. Replacement 20 round magazine follower for M14s.
Broken Shell Extractor 308 Winchester Magazine holder for M-14, FN-FAL, HK-91 M14 Flash Hider Pliers
.308 Win. 7.62x51 MM Nato
Also works on the 30-06.
Powder coated, durable, steel clamp designed to couple two M14, FN-FAL or HK-91 magazines. For easy removal of M14 flash Hider. Durable steel.
M1/M14 Green Web G.I.Military Sling M14 Recoil Pad M14 - M1 Garand Tactical Sling
Green web military sling. Fits M! Garand, 1903A3, 1917, M14 and M1A. 11/4 inches wide and comes with hardware. M14 Recoil Pad. Sargent Bubba's Tactical Combat Sling. Fits M-14 or M1-Garand Stocks
M14 Cleaning Kit M14 Cleaning Kit Universal Shorty (M14 Style) Barrel Mount Bipod/Fits most Rifles
Standard M14 cleaning kit comes with barrel brush, patch holder, rods, handle and pouch. Fits in the M14 butt stock.
This deluxe cleaning kit comes with the oiler, cleaning rod, barrel brush, chamber brush, tool and pouch. Fits perfectly in the M14 butt stock compartment. Steel and aluminum construction. With barrel mount adapter. Quickly and easily attaches to most barrels.
M14 Dark Leather Sling M14 Light Leather Sling M14 Factory Style Bipod

Beautiful dark brown leather sling with brass fittings. Fits M1 Garand, M14, Springfield and 1917 model Enfield.
Beautiful light colored leather military sling with steel fittings. Fits M1 Garand, M14, Springfield and 1917 model Enfield. A heavy duty steel military style bipod that attaches to the bottom of the gas cylinder. Legs can be adjusted separately from 12" to 14"
M1/M14 3RD Generation Scope Mount M-6 (M14) Bayonet Knife
Solid steel side mounted scope rail provides a steady platform to mount your favorite scope. (New) M14 Bayonet in sealed package. Mfg. in May 1962
Mfg. by CONTR