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"Factory" Beretta-JMAPX179 9mm 17rd. "Factory" Beretta PX4 Compact Beretta-96 40c. 12rd.
APX 9mm Mag 17rds. Made in Italy. 40c. 12rd. "Factory" New Gun Pullout. Pulled out of guns going to restricted Sates.
Beretta PX4-Storm 9mm 13rd. Beretta-PX4 Storm 9mm 17rd. Beretta 92F 9mm 18 Round Magazine-OEM
"Factory" Made in Italy. (NGP) meaning they were taken out of new guns being shipped to States with restrictions.
Factory Mag. Made in Italy
Beautiful "Original Equipment Manufacturer" produced magazine for the Beretta 92F. Blue steel finish. 18 round capacity. Quality comparable to factory magazines. Don't miss this opportunity. Quantities are limited!
**Can not be sold in or shipped to areas with high capacity, (over 10 rounds), restriction.**
New Factory Beretta-92 S.S. New Factory Beretta 92 LE BERETTA 85F/86F 8RD 380ACP
New Factory Beretta-92 S.S. 9mm 15rd.
New Factory Beretta 92 LE 9mm 15rd. Blue
8 round magazine for Model 85F .380 Caliber.
This is a Beretta factory original magazine. Manufactured to the same specifications and tolerances using the same materials as the original magazine that came with the pistol, ensuring optimal fit and reliability.
New Factory Beretta PX4-Storm 40c.
New Factory Beretta PX4-Storm 40c. 17rd.