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AR15 or M16 Carry Handle See-Through Scope Mount 45 Degree Tactical Angle Mount AR15 Carry Handle-Delta Style Scope Mount
Precision machined aluminum carry handle scope mount. Allows use of conventional sight system without having to remove the scope.
Brand new. 45 degree tactical mount. Made from air craft grade aluminum alloy. Allows you to mount accessories to the top rail without blocking an existing scope.
The Delta style mount allows the use of AR-16 / M16 rifle sights while a scope, red dot or holographic sight is mounted to the rifle carry handle. The mount accepts standard Weaver scope rings.
AR15 Flat-Top Riser Scope Mount w/Weaver Base AR15 Tri-Mount/Carry Handle Scope Mount AR15 Flat Top Tri-Mount Accessory Scope Mount
A beautiful riser scope mount precision machined out of durable aluminum and designed to attach securely to your AR flat top receiver. This mount attaches to the carry handle and allows for installation of your favorite scope plus two other accessories. Aluminum construction. Designed to fit flat top AR receivers. This mount provides a firm, stable platform for installation of your favorite scope plus two accessories. Constructed of aluminum, virtually indestructible and easy on the wallet.
AR15 Carry Handle 30mm Mount w/1" Ring Inserts