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"New" MSAR 223c. 20rd. Broken Shell Extractor 308 Winchester GLOCK 43 EXTENDED FINGER REST
New in package .308 Win. 7.62x51 MM Nato
Also works on the 30-06.
Rail Mounted Tactical Rifle and Pistol Micro Light The Ultimate FN Book Winchester Electronic Earmuffs (Noise Reduction)
2.5" Ultra-Compact/Quick-Detach Mount w/Colored Lense/Bright 150 Lumens. Includes colored lenses. Attaches to Weaver or Picatinny rails. From FN to Herstal Group. More than 1500 Illustrations. Bicycles, Motorcycles & Motor Cars. All the Civilian and Military Firearms of FN, Browning & Winchester. Lorries Industrial Equipment & more.

Winchester 25db electronic noise reduction earmuffs. Does not include batteries.