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Asian Military Glock 17/19/26/34SF Ambidextrous Cut 9mm Black Polymer Magazine
Glock Model 22 Magazine
Glock 40c. 31rd. Asian Military
These are 1st generation, pre-ban, Glock factory 15 round .40 caliber magazines. Fit Glock Model 22. They are used in "Very Good" condition.
**Can not be shipped to states or localities with high capacity (over 10 rounds) restrictions**
Glock 19 9mm • Capacity: 15 Round.• Manufacturer: Glock (BULK)
This magazine will also function in a Glock 26, but will not sit flush with the bottom of the mag well.
(New Gun Pullouts) comes out of new guns that are shipped to restricted states.

Glock 50 Round Drum Magazine
Factory Glock 380 6rds.
High quality, reliable and easy to load. Produced in Korea for military use this 50 round drum magazine fits all Glock 9mm. pistols. Made from virtually indestructible black polymer.
**Can not be sold in or shipped to ares with high capacity, (over 10 rounds), restriction.**