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Marlin Bolt-Action .22 Caliber 7 Round Magazine Marlin .22LR Caliber Rifle Magazine-Nickel Plated
Genuine certified Marlin magazine. .22 caliber-7 round capacity. Fits discontinued bolt action rifles as follows: #80, #780, #20 and #25. Marlin 7rd mag for semi-auto 22 rifles.
Genuine Marlin certified magazine. 7 round, nickel plated for long life. Fits self loading rifles built after 1996. Has "Last Shot Hold-Open" feature.
Winchester .22 Caliber 5 Round Magazine
Winchester .22 caliber 5 round magazine. Steel construction. A great deal on a great aftermarket magazine!
Replaces magazines marked "W" on the Bottom. Fits all Winchester .22 caliber models w/Magazine release button on the side.
Well built, sturdy steel 5-Shot  .22 caliber magazine. Fits Remington Models 511, 513 and 521. A terrific replacement magazine. Heavy duty steel construction. Fits most Savage(65/34/35/85) and Anshutz bolt action .22LR 5-Shot  rifles.
Great quality, steel construction .22 caliber magazine. Fits Remington models 511,513 and 521. Replacement 10 round .22 caliber long rifle magazine. Steel construction. Fits Savage bolt action rifles. Will not work on Anschutz rifles. Will work on Stevens-416