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30rd. Green Follower & G.I. Spring AR 15 20 Round Magazine Follower AR Handguard Removal Tool
The perfect kit for repairing your 30 AR magazines. Replace the old follower that won't slide smoothly in the body and the spring weakened through use. Ensures reliable cartridge feeding. Improved green no tilt polymer 20 round magazine follower. An essential tool for quickly and easily removing your AR-15 handguard. Rubber coated steel insures you won't scratch anodized surfaces. Saves time.
AR15 Flat Top Tri-Mount Accessory Scope Mount AR-15 (M7) Bayonet Knife AR-15 223c. 30rd. Blackened Stainless Mag
Designed to fit flat top AR receivers. This mount provides a firm, stable platform for installation of your favorite scope plus two accessories. Constructed of aluminum, virtually indestructible and easy on the wallet. New AR-15 Bayonet Knife, M7 Enclosed in Plastic
Teflon Coated
Black Aluminum
Anti-Tilt Follower
All of the parts, processes, and labor that go into manufacturing C-Products Defense magazines are sourced right here in the United States of America!
AR-15 A-1 Birdcage Flash-Hider AR-15 A-2 Top Port Only (Birdcage) AR-15 A1  3-Prong Flash-Hider
DPMS factory birdcage design flash hider. Made for the A2. Comes in matte black with 1/2 by 28 threads. No slots on bottom. Must use crush washer when installing to ensure proper alignment with barrel.Fully Ported.
A1 flash hider. Has 1/2 by 28 threads and matte black finish. Must have crush washer for proper installation and alignment with barrel. Top Ports. Slots all the way around.
AR-15 Flash-Hider for A1 models. For use on 5.56/.223 caliber rifles. 1/2 by 28 threads. Requires crush washer for installation to maintain proper alignment.
AR-15 Ambidextrous Side-Swivel Right/Left Hand Use AR15 & M16 Upper Receiver Block AR15 20 Round Spring &  Aluminum Magazine Follower
Stamped steel ambidextrous side swivel. Works left or right handed carry. For retractable stocks only. This tool closes around your upper and holds it securely in place in a bench vise. Insures a steady work platform and eliminates scratches or gouges in the finish. AR15 20 round magazine rebuild kit. Includes spring and aluminum follower.
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