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to the Masen family Survival Weaponry and Gun Parts online store. The John Masen Company places a great deal of pride into all of the gun parts we make and sell. Since we are a family owned business, each employee does their very best each day to ensure that the gun parts and services we offer to our customers are the very best they can be. Included in this effort is our newly redesigned web site. Our new exploded view of the .45 automatic pistol makes getting the right replacement part for your pistol a matter of pointing and clicking. A great deal of effort has gone into making our online store an effective and pleasurable way to shop. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for making your online shopping experience better. For a copy of our latest catalog click here.
  Please check our Gun Part Availability page before ordering. Not all of our gun parts can be sold to customers in some states and we can not ship orders outside the United States.

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