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Remington Pump Shotgun Forend Remington Heat Shield Remington Pump Shotgun Pistol Grip
Indestructible black nylon Remington pump shotgun forend. Remington shotgun barrel heat shield. Protects your hand from heat produced by prolonged or rapid firing. Installs easily with the hardware provided. ***Caution, do not overtighten screws. Pump Only
Remington Pistol Grip.
Remington Nylon Forend w/Removable Vertical Foregrip Remington Full Stock With Pistol Grip Remington 870 Tactical Barrel
Nylon Forend Attached Rail & Removable Foregrip 12g. Pump Only
Remington Full Stock w/Pistol Grip. 20 inch replacement tactical barrel for 12 gauge Remington 870 shotgun. Quickly and easily installed. Comes with gold bead front sight, will shoot 2/34" or 3" magnum ammunition depending on your receiver and has a matte blue finish. Manufactured by Target Sports.
Remington 870 Tactical 12 Gauge Barrel With Heat Shield Remington 870 26" Hunting Barrel W/Vent Rib Remington 870 Barrel
Brand new 12 gauge 20 inch barrel produced by Target Sports for the Remington 870 pump shotgun packed with the Black Warrior polymer heat shield. Kit comes with installation instructions. Protects your hands from the intense heat produced when firing multiple rounds. Do not over tighten screws! 12 gauge 26 inch vent rib barrel. 3 inch magnum chamber. Comes with gold front sight bead and 1 modified choke tube. Full length vent rib. Manufactured by Target Sports. 12 gauge, 28 inch hunting barrel for the Remington 870 pump shotgun. Comes with 3 inch magnum chamber, gold bead front sight, full vent rib and 1 modified choke tube. Manufactured by Target Sports.