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AR15/M16 Chamber Brush M1 Garand Chamber Brush M1A, M14 Oiler
AR15/M16 Chamber Brush
Available: $3.50
M1 Garand Chamber Brush
Available: $5.50
M1A, M14 Oiler
Available: $5.95
Makes maintaining the lugs and chamber on your AR-15/M16 a breeze. Don't risk letting a dirty chamber or dirty lugs cause problems with cartridge feeding or extraction. Garand chamber brush with bronze bristles to safely clean the M1 chamber. Oiler for the M1A and M14. Fits in the butt stock with cleaning kit.
M16 and AR15 Cleaning Kit Standard M1 Garand Cleaning Kit M14 Cleaning Kit
M16/AR15 Cleaning Kits
Available: $16.95
Standard M14 Cleaning Kit
Available: $20.95
This kit includes everything you need to keep your M16 or AR-15 clean and in perfect operating condition, (rods, chamber brush, barrel brush, patch jag, oil bottle, nylon brush and pouch) Standard M1 cleaning kit. Designed to be stored in the buttstock of the M!. Kit contains, rods, handle, brush, patch holder and pouch.
Standard M14 cleaning kit comes with barrel brush, patch holder, rods, handle and pouch. Fits in the M14 butt stock.
M14 Cleaning Kit Deluxe M1 Garand Cleaning Kit
Deluxe M14 Cleaning Kit
Available: $26.95
This deluxe cleaning kit comes with the oiler, cleaning rod, barrel brush, chamber brush, tool and pouch. Fits perfectly in the M14 butt stock compartment. Deluxe M1-Garand cleaning kit. Contains rods, handle, barrel brush, chamber brush, patch puller and oiler.